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PostSubject: RULES-MUST READ   RULES-MUST READ I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 16, 2008 9:19 am

Make sure you understand the following rules and agree to follow them. If you do not agree to follow them do not bother trying to use our site! These rules stand in any public server and on our forums, the breaking of ANY rule shall result in consequences.

Forum Rules:

*No Racism
*No abusive language
*No posting pictures of pornography or pornographic videos
*No spamming at all
*Do not revive old threads

Member and Trialee Rules:

*No Glitching or Hacking
*No Purpouse teamkilling
*No offensive or abusive language in public servers
*No Playing music over VOIP
*No Blocking players to piss them off

Teamspeak Rules:

*No racism
*No harrassment, excludes jokes and mucking around, but if it is taken the wrong way and asked to stop, you must do so
*No spamming, this includes playing music when asked to stop, unless sharing music in the MUSIC channel only
*Continously changing channels will not be accepted
*Unknown members will be questioned and if answers cannot be found a kick and/or ban will be issued.
*No inappropriate noises, this pretty much means making orgasmic and obnoxious noises

If you have any problems contact the following people on:

Me, t03y: toeinator@hotmail.com, or xfire: toeinator
H3ADSHOT: temorof@yahoo.com.au, or xfire: temorof

Failure to comply with these rules will result in consequences, harshness varies depending on the situation.
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